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CHECK-IN between 16.00pm and 18.00pm
If due to unforeseen circumstances your arrival is outside arrangeable meeting times, we will leave your key in our Masterlock. So you don't have to hurry to check-in on time, you can come when it suits you. We send you the code with SMS.

The Masterlock is a key safe that hangs on our front door. We will provide you with the code via sms, if you are unable to meet us at the arranged time. You will need to turn down the black flap on the lock and turn the numbers to make up the code in the correct order. Then lower the black lever to open the safe and remove your key. After removing the key please close safe again and turn numbers to neutral position.

CHECK-OUT before 11.00am


If you stay with us for the ROOM WITH BREAKFAST we set your table in your room so you are able to choose your own preferred breakfast time.
Any food that requires refrigeration will be ready for you in the fridge.

Our breakfast is valued by our guests. We serve products of the region as well as our own fresh home baked bread or rolls and marmalades/jams.

In case of specific dietary requirements please notify us of these at time of reservation, so we are able to accommodate these.


If you wanted: we can also provide diner: soup of the day and daily menu
at 19 EURO per person (in cooperation with Jovade).
You only have to warm it up yourself in your room. There is an oven available in every room.

PS : If you have any allergies or if you don't like or can't eat certain things, please let us know. Also in case of special wishes (diet or other), you can always mention it when booking.

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